Convert Box Spring To Platform Bed: Steps And Items Needed

Steps And Items Needed To Convert Box Spring To Platform Bed

The platform bed gravitates to have an essential design and will make your room feel more open, the platform beds often footboards or lack head & can be lower than a classic bed. You can easily use a traditional bed & convert it to the platform bed solely by simply removing your box springs & putting your mattress on your platform. There are many easy ways to make the platform bed, some complex, but a plain, basic platform bed is necessarily a wooden box & it is also not a difficult task to perform. If you want to convert box spring to platform bed then you need to collect certain items and then follow some simple steps:

Things You Will Need

  • Measuring Tape, Saw & Boards
  • Wood Screws & Power Drill
  • Right Angle & Miter Box
  • Wood Putty
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint & Stain

Steps For This Process

  • Firslty, you need to regulate the desired size for your platform, height, width as well as length. Your platform can have the same width & length as your current mattress, lightly smaller, or unquestionably bigger. It can't be too much smaller, or it will be easy to change your mattress off your bed. Your platform beds can be very low to your ground, high off your ground or in-betwixt, nevertheless, if they are too high then you may need steps or any stepped platform.
  • Cut your boards predetermined for the outside of your platform with the help of a saw to the desired length & width for your platform.
  • You can also use your regular saw or a power tool (table saw). For your boards that will form the width of your platform then simply deduct the thickness of your boards themselves from the length of these boards.
  • The above step will reimburse for the thickness of your boards & leave you with the correct size. You can also miter the corners rather if desired, in which case, you don't have to subtract width.
  • Place your boards on a flat surface & simply attach them together by using the wood screws. You may also need to use some clamps to hold your boards. Take help of a right angle to be sure that your corners are at right angles.
  • Cut 4 shortboards to equal lengths & miter the ends. These boards go in each corner of your platform on the inside to add balance. Screw the board into place from your inside by using more wood screws. If the bed is very tall then you want 2 boards in each corner.
  • Cut several boards by using a saw to create slats across the top of your bed. These boards should be the same as the length which you've used for your boards that make up the width of your platform and fit diagonally across the inside of your platform. Use bulky 2/4 or 2/6 boards, the kind used for your wall studs.
  • Now, attach your boards to the inside of your platform by using wood screws to form the slats. If your platform has a specific direction, flip your platform so that the top is on your floor, so that you now can put the boards on your floor for easy installation process.
  • Now, place your boards at even interruption & screw them into place from the outside of your platform. Use your right angle to be sure that they are at right angles to the outside of your platform because these boards will easily hold up your mattress and also provide support.
  • More boards will easily provide more support & hold more weight. If you want a very strong bed then you can easily add braces that run from one board to other board, as well.
  • Next, fill holes from wood screws on the outside of your platform by using wood putty.
  • Now you need to cut & attach a large board, that is the same size as the top of your platform, over the top of the platform, if your platform is larger than your mattress in order to cover up your space below. If your platform is the same size or smaller size then this part is optional.
  • Finish your platform bed with the help of paint or stain, then seal your bed with the help of a clear sealer, like polyurethane. If necessary then you can also add casters to the corners, making it easy to move your bed around.
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