Condensation Inside Double Pane Windows: Causes & Solutions Of Removing Condensation

Causes And Solutions Of Removing Condensation From Double Pane Windows

The condensation from the inside of the double-pane windows seems very bad. There can be a different cause for that, below the user can find out the causes as well as the solutions for the condensation. Go through the below-mentioned information carefully and get the desired result:

Causes Of Condensation

  • While the windows with the insulated glass are known for working well extremely under the changes in the temperature, inclement weather, etc. But with the span of time, it will seal & will eventually get corroded.
  • The heats that come from the direct prolonged exposure from the sun can result in the panes to contract as well as expand, which in turn, will weaken all the contact that is in-between the window seal and glass. Water retention in the frame and the improper drainage will also compromise the seal.
  • Once the seal of the window is compromised, the moisture will then start sneaking in the airspace in-between the panes and as a result, the condensation will get to start on the glass. There will be a milky or foggy look.

Prevent Condensation In Double-Pane Windows

  • One of the ways to prevent the condensation is to simply increase the circulation of the indoor air. Every time while cooking or taking a shower, remember to switch on the fan for 15 to 20 minutes at least. Using the ceiling fans can also be beneficial even in the winter. Position them in a way so that they will rotate in the clockwise direction, which will help in pushing the warm air to the downward direction.
  • Keeping the proper humidity inside the home is not an easy task. If there is a humidity issue in the home, then try using a dehumidifier, that will take it in air and then soaks the moisture, and then releases it back into the house.
  • The owner can simply prevent condensation by opening the windows if the weather allows, that will help in to release the warm as well as the moist air that is trapped in the house.

How To Get Rid Of Condensation

Unfortunately, for getting rid of the condensation there is no homemade easy solution. Most importantly, the moist air has to be replaced with the dry air, and for that, the owner needs to hire a professional.
  • Replace The Window Or Pane: As the dry air between the panes of the windows has been compromised, so the replacement of the window can be a necessary option. The owner can save a fair amount of cost by replacing only the single-window pane in place of the entire window, but in the case of the rotting, the owner has to replace the entire thing. A well professional can check whether it needs a single pane replacement or a whole.
  • Professional Cleaning: The other alternative is to hire a glass professional who can clean the window. This process needs to drill small holes at the bottom and top of the corners, after that spraying a cleaning solution from the drilled top hole and then sucking it out from the bottom one. A professional will then seal all the holes with the help of vent plugs, which in turn will allow the air and the vapor to escape from the cavity of the window freely.
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