Compressed Wood Advantages: Pros And Cons

The compressed wood is famous as particleboard and low-density fibreboard (LDF). Particle board is a new type of engineered wood product that is made from gluing together saw-dust, small chips then firmly pressing them together to make sheets or boards. The compressed wood is extensively used in production of all types of furniture, partition structures and paneling.

Advantages Of Compressed Wood

Here are the advantages of compressed wood:
  1. Low Cost: The best advantage of compressed wood is low price than the other wood items.
  2. Light-weight: The compressed wood is light in weight.
  3. Maintenance: The user can clean the compressed wood easily and the maintenance is low.
  4. Easy To Handle: It has a light weight property due to which it can be easily handled and transported.
  5. Perfect: Its perfect for building homemade furniture because it is durable and long last.

Disadvantages Of Compressed Wood

Here are the disadvantages of compressed wood:
  1. Load: The strength of compressed wood is weak and it cannot support heavy load on it.
  2. Warp: It can easily warped because the presence of moisture in it.
  3. Damage: The compressed wood can easily be damaged while transportation.
  4. Toxic: It can release formaldehyde gas after few years.
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