Closet Rod Distance From Wall: Step By Step Procedure & Items Needed To Hang Closet Rod

Step By Step Procedure & Items Needed To Hang Closet Rod

The closet rod helps in organizing the closet and by this rod, the users can save up their time by storing each of the things in an organized manner. In order to install down the closet rod, the users do not require to be professional all they need to do is to follow the right techniques without wasting their precious time. The users can easily hang the closet rod at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined step by step procedure:

Materials Required

  • Cross-Cut Hand Saw
  • Drill And 1/4” Drill Bit
  • Closet Rod And Brackets
  • Pencil, Screws And Measuring Tape

Step By Step Procedure

  • Determine Placement Of Rod: Start by measuring the distance far away from the surface of the wall. The minimum ten inches is ideal but this will also depend on the size of the hanger. If in case the users find out the shelf over the rod area then they need to find out the perpendicular distance away from the surface of the rod and to the shelf as well and the 2 inches will suffice.
  • Drill And Then Affix The Brackets: After that, the users need to pre-drill the holes so as to affix the screws of the bracket by using the one by four inches sized drill bit. Then they need to affix the round-shaped bracket with the wall by simply using the two inches sized wood screw. Then repeat the same procedure to another closet side in case of U-designed bracket.
  • Trim The Rod: Calculate the distance from one bracket to another bracket. Then the users need to calculate and then mark down the rod of the closet at that calculated measured area and then trim down the rod as per the measurements.
  • Slide Down The Rod: Now the users need to insert down the rod within that round-shaped bracket initially and then drift the rod within the U-designed bracket.
  • Customize Rod: Once the users successfully installed the rod then they need to paint or stain the rod as per their choice or requirement. Allow the paint or the stain to get dried off completely before hanging down the clothes on the closet rod.
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