Cleaning Old Wood Floors Without Refinishing: Major Steps For Cleaning

How To Clean The Old Wood Floors Without Refinishing

The users can easily Clean The Old Wood Floors Without Refinishing by following the below-mentioned steps:
  1. Clean The Floor: The users need to start by cleaning all the dust and the debris particles from the wood floors by using the vacuum or the soft brush as well.
  2. Make A Mixture: Make a mixture of the floor cleanser with the warm water in a large bucket and then they need to continuously stir the mixture until it won't get mixed properly. Use a soft sponge and soak it in the mixture and then squeeze out all the excess water from the sponge and then rub it over the entire surface of the wooden floors. Use the mop dipped in the clean water and rub it again over the entire surface of the wooden floors to wipe away all the soap residue from the floor accordingly.
  3. Use The Rubbing Alcohol: If in case the users still find out some stains on the wooden floors then use the rubbing alcohol and pour it to the cotton ball. Rub the soaked cotton ball over the stained area and then let the wooden floor to dry completely.
  4. Use The Polyurethane: Once the floor is completely dried the users then need to apply the coat of the polyurethane to the entire surface of the wooden floor. Use the dry cloth to buff the wood floor accordingly to attain the glossy finish.
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