Cleaning Furniture With Boric Acid: Ways, Glass & Wood

What Are The Ways Of Cleaning Glass, Wood With Boric Acid?

How Can I Clean Glass Furniture With Boric Acid?
First, the customer needs to make a mixture of water, vinegar & Boric acid in which water will be double of vinegar and boric acid will be half of the vinegar. After that spray the mixture on the glass surface and then wipe out the surface with an old newspaper in order to remove streaks and spots from it. The customer can use this mixture on other glass surfaces as well.
Can I Clean Wood Furniture With Boric Acid?
The customer can make a mixture of water and boric acid and spray it on the wooden surface of your furniture. It will protect his furniture from harmful insects like fungi, termites, and wood rot. Also, he can use boric acid water-soluble capsule in order to protect his furniture from harmful insects but this capsule can be used by digging a hole in his furniture and placing it inside it.
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