Cleaning Floors With Bleach And Water: How To Clean

How To Clean Floors with Bleach and Water?

Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily clean their Floors with Bleach and Water:
  1. Clean The Floor: The customers need to start by removing all the dirt, grime and debris particles from each edge and the corner of the floor by using a vacuum or by simply using the soft broom.
  2. Make A Soap Solution: The customers then need to make a cleaning solution of the liquid dish soap and the warm water in the large bucket. They then need to stir the solution continuously until the soap is completely dissolved in the water. The customers then need to use a soft clean cloth and soak it in the cleaning solution. They then need to rub the moisten cloth all over the edges and the corners of the floor. The customers then need to use another soft cloth in order to clean all the soap residue from the floor.
  3. Make A Chlorine Solution: Once the floor is completely cleaned the customers need to make another mixture of the chlorine bleach and the hot water in the bucket. The customers then need to dip the mop in this solution and then rub the mop all over the surface of the floor. The customers finally need to let the floor dry completely.
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