Cleaning Engineered Hardwood Floors: Easy Steps To Clean

The engineered hardwood is also known as man-made wood, mass timber. The engineered hardwood floor gives a perfect look to the home. The engineered hardwood floor is child and pet- friendly. The life span of the engineered wood flooring is up to 30-40, if cared properly.

Steps To Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors

Here are the easy steps for cleaning the engineered hardwood floors:

Cleaning Up Dirt And Debris

  1. Sweep Daily With A Broom: Sweep with a broom such as soft-bristled broom to clean the loose pieces of small stones or dust particles.
  2. Vacuum The Floor Gently: Set the vacuum cleaner to hard floor mode, then vacuum the floor gently for removing complete dust particle or small stones.
  3. Dry Microfiber Mop: Mop hardwood floor with a dry microfiber mop for at least one time in a whole week.
  4. Damp Mop: Damp mop will clean the floor easily from small dust or wet floor.
  5. Place A Rug: The user can place a rug at entrance of the room.

Using A Liquid Cleaner

  1. Liquid Cleaner: The user needs to purchase a engineered hardwood floor cleaner which are easily available in market and apply according to the instruction.
  2. Scrub Spills: If there is any type of stain or spills on the floor then scrub it with the liquid cleaner.
  3. Not To Use: Remember not to use vinyl floor cleaner on the engineered floor because the vinyl floor cleaner is made up of different type of chemicals which can harm the engineered hardwood floor.

Avoiding Floor Damage

  1. Wipe Spills: Accidents happen, If the user have spilled water or any other type of liquid on the floor then it should be immediately cleaned with tack cloth.
  2. Avoid Vinegar And Ammonia: Vinegar and ammonia is not a good option and will damage the surface of the engineered hardwood floor like it can fade the engineered hardwood floor.
  3. Steam Cleaner: The steam cleaner can easily damage the engineered hardwood floor surface by forcing water into the layer of hardwood floor.
  4. Abrasive Cleaning Brush: Scrubbing with an abrasive cleaning brush or with steel wool will give damage the veneer of the engineered hardwood floor.
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