Cleaning Aluminum Oxide Finish Floors: Best Way To Clean

The aluminum oxide coating is known to increases the resistance, durability, as well as overall strength to polyurethane, finished floors. While cleaning the floor the special care should be taken not to damage the floor. In fact, some of the commonly used household cleaners can dissolve the coating that will make the floor dull as well as dingy. If taken care properly floor with the Aluminum Oxide Finish can last for years to come.

Best Way Of Cleaning Aluminum Oxide Finish Floors

The best way of cleaning the floor with Aluminum Oxide Finish is as follows:
  1. Cleaning: First of all, remove all the surface dust, dirt pets hair as well as debris with the help of the dust mop. Follow this process at least once in a week.
  2. Cleaner: Use the cleaner that is suitable for the Aluminum Oxide Finish with the cloth. Gently rub the affected area with the help of the saturated cloth, continue the process until all the area is cleaned.
  3. PH Neutral Cleaner: Buy a pH neutral cleaner that should is compatible to the prefinished Floors. Most of the cleaner should be diluted in the water before using, the quantity of the cleaner and water is mentioned on the product. Then submerge the sponge in the solution and wring the excess, and then mop the area in the back and forth motion.
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