Clean Wood Furniture With Vinegar And Olive Oil: Steps

Steps To Clean Wood Furniture With Vinegar And Olive Oil

  1. Solution: Prepare a solution of white vinegar with olive oil, equally mix one part of the vinegar to one part of the water, and add a small squirt of the lemon juice to the solution, this solution will help in restoring the moisture to dry wood, and will remove light scratches and rings that occurs from water condensation.
  2. Inconspicuous Area Test: Before using the solution its best to do an inconspicuous area test, for any negative effect, in case there is no negative effect than continue with the process.
  3. Apply: Now apply the solution to the cloth, and pour the solution directly on the furniture as the too much liquid can damage the furniture.
  4. Rub: Rub the surface evenly with the moistened cloth, run in the directions of the wood grains.
  5. Buff: Buff away the excess moisture with the help of the cloth in a circular motion.
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