Chengal Wood Advantages: Pros And Cons

The chengal wood comes from the Neobalanocarpus tree which grows mostly in Malaysia. The neobalanocarpus tree grows over 197 ft. The chengal wood is also used to make a wood floor for home and offices. The life span of the chengal tree is up to 20-25 years. The chengal wood look is different from other flooring material. The Malaysian peoples mostly use the chengal wood in home, offices, and shops and in the restaurants.

Advantages Of Chengal Wood

Here are the advantages of chengal wood:
  1. Durable: The mature Chengal wood is more durable than the young chengal wood. So, it's better to choose mature chengal wood.
  2. Weather Conditions: The chengal wood is mostly used in outdoors on patios and decorating balconies. The chengal wood is also resistant to termite, wear and tear. Chengal wood is suitable for wet and dry weather.
  3. Minimal Care And Maintenance: The cleaning and the maintenance method of chengal wood are not so expensive. Clean the chengal wood with water and detergent. Remember, The detergent and water mixture should not be too acidic.

Disadvantages Of Chengal Wood

  1. Expensive: The chengal wood is more expensive than the other woods because the tree of chengal wood is only grown in malaysia.
  2. Installion Problem: The installation method of chengal wood is not an easy task to do. That's why the professional person is required to install the chengal wood items. Also, remember that don't keep heavy things on the chengal wood because it can damage the wood.
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