Charity Furniture Accrington: Shops & Collections Of Charity Furniture Accrington

Charity Furniture Shops Accrington With Contact Details

There are many charity shops in the Accrington area and here are some of them:
  1. Maundy Relief: This shop buys and sells all kind of furniture items and other home accessories goods.
    Address: 22-24 Abbey St,Accrington BB5 1EB, UK.
    Phone Number: +44 1254 232328.
  2. British Heart Foundation: This shop sells good quality of second-hand furniture items and new items as well.
    Address: 6 Broadway, Accrington BB5 1EY, UK.
    Phone Number: +44 1254 875573
  3. Emmaus Burnley: Besides their range of second-hand furniture items this shop is known for their great customer service.
    Address: 30 Cornhill Centre Arndale Centre, Accrington BB5 1EX, UK.
    Phone Number: +44 1254 231503

Charity Furniture Collection Accrington

Each store is having a different and versatile collection of materials that are unique in its own way, and here are some of the examples:
  1. Sense: This store deals with all kinds of second-hand clothes, books, shoes, bags, electrical appliances, jewellery and all kinds of second-hand homeware goods.
    Address 1-2 Broadway, Accrington BB5 1JZ, UK
    Phone Number +44 1254 388308
  2. Age UK Hyndburn: This store is selling a large range of donated clothes, books, furniture goods to support Age UK.
    Address: 286 Union Rd, Oswaldtwistle, Accrington BB5 3JD, UK.
    Phone Number: +44 1254 236984
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