Chair Hydraulic Repair: Major Steps To Repair

Steps To Repair A Hydraulic Chair

Hydraulic Chair refers to a chair having a pneumatic cylinder with which the user can adjust the height of the chair. The chair is mostly used at workplaces and its height can be adjusting by flicking a lever. Hydraulic chairs are very much durable but over time, the pneumatic cylinder used in the chairs needs to be replaced for smooth adjustment. The steps to replace the pneumatic cylinder of the hydraulic chair are as follows;
  1. Remove Caster Base: First, the user needs to place the hydraulic chair sideways making sure the pneumatic cylinder has extended fully. After that, the user needs to remove the caster base of the chair by removing its base retention metal clip that is located at the center post of the caster base's underside. The metal clip can be removed with needle-nose pliers.
  2. Remove Pneumatic Cylinder: The next step will be to remove the pneumatic cylinder of the hydraulic chair. First, the user needs to attach & tighten the wrench to the over the pneumatic cylinder's topside just below seat pan. Then, the user needs to loosen & remove the cylinder by moving the wrench back & forth. There is a possibility that the cylinder may not loosen as it is held in place by friction.
  3. Use Lubricant: If the user is unable to remove the cylinder normally, he needs to spray WD-40 lubricant over and around the cylinder focusing more on the top end where the cylinder meets the seat pan. The lubricant should be left over the area for a few minutes before attempting to remove the cylinder again by using a wrench.
  4. Replace Pneumatic Cylinder & Reattach Caster Base: After that, the user needs to replace the pneumatic cylinder by pressing it over the slot underneath the seat pan. Once the cylinder is replaced, the user needs to reattach caster base back to the chair as it was removed earlier.
  5. Fit The Pneumatic Cylinder Firmly: The last step will be to place the chair upright and sit hard over the seat pan. This step will fit the pneumatic cylinder firmly into the seat pan and make it ready to use again.
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