Cedar Wood Advantages And Disadvantages: Pros & Cons

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cedar Wood


The benefits of the cedar wood are given below:
  1. Dimensional Stability: The best advantage of the cedar wood is that the size of this wood does not get affected by the humid conditions. The property of remaining flat and straight in humid conditions makes it the best option to use.
  2. Paint And Stain: The cedar wood furniture products can be painted and stained easily and the appearance of the wood product does not get affected. If the cedar wood furniture is painted properly in the right conditions then the grain texture of the wood is retained.
  3. Weight: Another advantage of the cedar wood is that it is light in weight and hence it is easy to carry.
  4. Resist Insect Damage: This type of wood resists the insect damage as compared to other type of woods.
  5. Trim And Mould: Apart from the above advantages it can also be used to mould and trim.


The drawbacks of the cedar wood are as under:
  1. Scratches Easily: The cedar wood is a soft material and hence it is very prone to get scratched and also the dents can easily appear on this wood.
  2. Maintenance: As the cedar wood products are left without the finish, so a periodic maintenance is required for these woods.
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