Carpet Installation Methods: 6 Parts With Steps To Install

6 Parts With Steps To Install The Carpet

The users can easily install the carpet by following the below-described parts with steps but first collect certain items to do this task:

Items Required

  • Knives & Carpet Stretchers
  • Seaming Irons & Claw Hammers
  • Knee Kickers & Measuring Tape
  • Rulers & Chalk
  • Carpet Tuckers & Staple Guns
  • Berber Carpet & Floor Tape
  • Staples, Carpet Adhesives & Masking Tape

Part I- Install The Tack Strips

  • Detach The Things: The users need to remove all the furnishing items and detach all the doors from that room where the users are going to install the carpets.
  • Trim The Tack Strips: The users then need to use the hand saw that is specifically crafted to trim the tack strips of the carpet so as to set the room perimeter. Then the users need to lay the tack strips with the points of the tacks that are facing towards the wall.
  • Install The Strips: Then install the tack strips at the frames of the door but not at the beginning of the floor so as to avoid stepping over the sharp-edged points.
  • Use the Scrap piece: The users then need to use the piece of carpet scrap as the guide to leave the equal space of near about 2/3rd of the width of the carpet in between the tack strips and the room walls.
  • Nail Down The Tack Strips: Then use the nails to affix the tack strips over the subfloor and if in case the users are installing the carpet over the concrete floor by using the masonry tacks or the adhesive made from the epoxy material so as to affix the strips over the floor.

Part II- Installing The Carpet Padding

  • Install The Pad: The users need to install the carpet padding in order to keep the seams at the right angles within the carpet.
  • Tape Down The Pieces: Then they need to tape down the adjoining pieces with each other by using the masking tape as instructed by the manufacturer.
  • Use The Hammer: Then users need to use the Hammer-tacker so as to affix the padding of the carpet with the corner of the strip tack.
  • Using The Knife: Use the utility knife so as to cut the unneeded carpet padding at the corner of the strip tack accordingly.
  • Affixng The Staples: Then at the seams of the pad the users need to staple each of them so that they won't fall next to the other. Then they need to follow the guidelines of the manufacturer for using the adhesive while installing the padding of the carpet over the concrete flooring.

Part III- Laying The Carpet And Securing The Seams

  • Unroll The Carpet: Then start by unrolling the carpet towards its face side down with the wall over the padding on the floor. The users are advised to leave a space of the three unches with the wall.
  • Make The Relief Cuts: Then the users need to Trim the relief cuts at the edges so that the carpet will lay in a flat direction. They need to trim from the top side by using the carpet knife. Then the users need to use the seaming tape at the point where the carpet pieces meet each other. The users need to be sure that the corners of the carpet are straight enough and are not overlapping with each other.
  • Use The Iron: Then the users need to place the iron over the carpet seams in order to activate the adhesive of the tape and the place the heavy objects over the seam so as to allow the glue to get dried off completely.

Part IV-Anchor The Carpet

  • Use The Knee-kicker: The users then need to use the Knee kicker and then push it up so as to keep the carpet in a perfect position. Then they need to gently move it towards the wall to remove all the wrinkles from the carpet accordingly.
  • Trim Off The Excess Carpet: Once the carpet is perfectly affixed with the first wall then the users need to cut all the unneeded carpet from that corner by using the carpet trimmer.

Part V-Stretching The Carpet

  • Repeat The Same Procedure: Once the carpet is affixed with the first wall then the users need to move towards the other wall and repeat the same process so as to stretch the carpet completely.

Part VI- Install The Molding

  • Install The Strips: Once the carpet is installed and stretched properly the users then need to install the transition strips of the carpets at the beginning where the carpet would meet up the other flooring.
  • Use The Seam Sealer: Then the users need to use up the seam sealer to seal up the carpet corner so as to avoid the unraveling. Then the users need to calculate the measurements of the threshold and then trim the gripper of the carpet as per the calculated measurements by using the hack saw.
  • Affix The Gripper: Then they need to affix the trimmed carpet trim over the floor. Then the users need to use the Knee Kicker to fit the trimmed carpet over the surface of the hooks with the gripper of the carpet. Then they require to use the rubber mallet so as to hit the prybar or can also use the woodblock in order to secure it Respectively.
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