Caring For Teak Outdoor Furniture: Ways To Take Care Of Teak Patio Furniture

Ways To Take Care Of Teak Outdoor/Patio Furniture

Here are some of the ways that the customer need to keep in mind while caring for the teak outdoor furniture:
  1. Periodic Cleaning: For proper caring of the teak furniture the customer need to clean the patio furniture products with the help of soap and water. A soft bristle brush is used for applying the soap on the surface of outdoor furniture pieces. Then the furniture pieces are allowed to dry.
  2. Removing Mold Spots: If there exists mold stain on the outdoor furniture product then the customer can remove it by using a mixture. The mixture is prepared by combining the Clorox bleach and warm water. The furniture product is first washed with water then the mixture is rubbed on the furniture surface with the help of bristle brush. Then the mixture is washed away from the furniture surface with water.
  3. Sanding Rough Surfaces: If the outdoor furniture product has rough surface then the customer can make the surface even by sanding the surface of outdoor furniture product in the direction of the grain with 120-grit and 220-grit sandpaper. An orbital sander can be used for Sanding the large areas.
  4. Restore Original Colour: For restoring the original color of the teak outdoor furniture products teak brightener is applied on the surface of furniture and then furniture product is washed away.
  5. Apply Sealer: The customer can protect the teak outdoor furniture by applying the UV blocking teak sealant. Then the sealant is left on the furniture surface and allow it to dry properly.
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