Caring For Acrylic Furniture: Tables

How To Care For Acrylic Tables

Acrylic furniture is widely getting used nowadays because of their so many properties like Easy To Clean, Water Resistant and can be used outside as well as it is UV Protected, although it has many properties, the user must also care for this wonderful furniture, here are the steps on How To Care For Acrylic Tables:
  • Use The Right Tools: Always use the right cleaner which is specially made for acrylic that does not contain the ammonia-like Brillianize, and always use the soft cotton microfiber cloths.
  • Apply Cleaner: The user should clean all the dust and debris before applying the cleaner to the acrylic table, at a time clean only one section then move to another section.
  • Remove Scratches: If the acrylic table has the scratches then use the polish like Novus's 7100 plastic polish kit, which is very useful for removing the minor Scratches.
  • Cover Up: When the acrylic furniture is not in use that time cover up the table.
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