Cane Furniture Advantages And Disadvantages: Brief Overview, Pros And Cons

Brief Overview

Cane furniture is a type of furniture in which a mesh of split canes is stretched over parts of the framework, traditionally on the backs and seats of chairs. In the beginning, It was made in India as early as the 2nd century AD and was also known in China. Cane furniture is warmer and softer than metal furniture. Cane is a natural material that is used in a natural setting. Cane has a warm soft color that looks very beautiful and bends very easily into an elegant curve.

How To Fix The Old Cane Furniture?

It is very easy to fix the old cane furniture the customer just needs to follow certain steps that are mentioned below:
  • First of all, Remove all old cane and spline.
  • Clean out the surface, if necessary sand the edges.
  • Then Soak the pre-woven cane for about 30 minutes in water.
  • Now Place the cane squarely on the opening of furniture.
  • Begin weaving.

Cane Furniture Pros And Cons


Light Weight: One of the great pros of the cane furniture is its lightweight and due to which it can be moved anywhere with fewer efforts.
Low Maintenance: Unlike the wooden furniture it requires less maintenance, it just needs occasional polishing to retain its beauty and elegance.
Eco-friendly: It is environment-friendly because it uses the natural materials which are derived from the stem of the large rattans.
Versatile: The cane material can be weaved into any shape and designs easily, different types of the material can be crafted from the cane.
Resistant To Weather: The cane furniture has the ability to resist all types of climatic changes. Besides that, it is also water-resistant and rustproof.


Some of the cons are mentioned below:
Higher Cost/Expensive: The cane furniture is very expensive because it is handcrafted and is made from the natural material.
Loosens Over Time: With the span of time the weaving of cane furniture can get loosen up.
Less Comfortable: The cane furniture is less comfortable, to get the full comfort the customers need to use the cushions.
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