Can You Steam Clean A Suede Couch: Steps For Steam Cleaning

Steps To Steam Clean A Suede Couch

A Suede Couch gives any living space sophisticated appearance as long as it is kept neat & clean. Due to the nature of the fabric used in the suede couch, its cleaning process is quite difficult and time-consuming. Regular vacuuming & brushing doesn't remove all the debris & bacteria build-up from the suede couch rather the user needs to try a more effective method i.e. steam cleaning. By steam cleaning, the user can remove all the mold, mites, bacteria, and dirt from the suede couch. Besides that, the heat generated from the process can sterilize the whole suede couch for deep cleaning. The steps to steam clean a suede couch are as follows;
  1. Prepare Couch: The first step will be to prepare a suede couch for steam cleaning process by removing all items placed over it. It is necessary to remove all the cushions from the suede couch as well.
  2. Vacuum Clean: After that, the user needs to vacuum clean the suede couch in order to remove all the large debris.
  3. Pre-treat Spots & Stains: The next step will be to pre-treat spots & stains with a mild cleaner. First, the user needs to spray mild cleaner over the affected areas and let it soak for a minute or two. After that, rub the areas with a cloth or scrub brush to get the cleaner deep into the fabric.
  4. Prepare Steam Cleaner: After that, the user needs to prepare steam cleaner by filling its tank with steam cleaning solution and hot water. It is necessary to check the label instructions to get the correct combining ratio. Once the tank is filled, the user needs to plug in the steam cleaner and wait till the solution heats up. It has been recommended to set the steam cleaner on a low-vapor mode which is suited to clean sensitive surfaces including suede.
  5. Use Steam Cleaner: The next step will be to steam clean the suede couch by moving the steamer hose in back & forth motions over the surface. It has been recommended to hold the steamer long enough around one area until the bacteria gets removed before moving the steamer to the new area.
  6. Put The Cushions Back: The last step will be to let the cushions & couch dry completely before putting the cushions back over the suede couch.
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