Can You Paint Furniture With Acrylic Paint: Steps To Paint Laminate Furniture With Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Paint is an elastic type of paint which is very much durable and can be used on wooden furniture products in order to make them long-lasting. Also, Acrylic paint doesn't crack or become yellowish with time like most of the oil paints. Apart from that, the pant can be applied multiple times in a single day because it dries quicker than other paints. The paint comes in vast color choices and finishes that make it versatile for various types of wooden furniture.

How To Paint Laminate Furniture With Acrylic Paint

As laminate furniture has a shiny finish and if you try to paint directly over it, the paint will bubble up so make sure to will follow these steps in order to paint Laminate Furniture With Acrylic Paint;
  • First, you need to apply primer all over your furniture which will Adhere to a laminated surface and will also create a surface that will Adhere to paint too.
  • After that, let the paint to dry up completely and after that, you can apply paint on it and let it completely dry up before applying the second coat.
  • Once all the paint has dried up, you need to use a sealer on it in order to make it durable and apply two coats of it and let the first coat dry up before applying a second coat and wait for 24 hours before using your furniture.

How Can I Paint Dresser/furniture With Acrylic Paint And Craft?

Customers are required to follow these steps in order to paint dresser/furniture with acrylic paint;
  • First you need to wash your Dresser/furniture with warm soapy water using a sponge and then dry it up with a cloth.
  • If it already has old paint on it, you need to sand the whole furniture/dresser in order to remove the paint.
  • After that, wipe out all the dust of sanding from your furniture using a lightly damp cloth and then let it dry up completely.
  • Then apply an even coat of pine & knotting solution on it and wait till it dries up.
  • Then you need to apply two coats of water-based acrylic primer on it but make sure you will let the first coat dry up before applying second coat.
  • Once the primer has dried up, use a foam brush and apply a coat of acrylic paint on it and let it dry up completely before applying one or two more coats.
  • At last, you need to apply a coat of finishing glaze on it and let it completely dry up before using.

The Acrylic Paint is a superb choice to paint all types of crafted wooden furniture to make them look new and beautiful again.
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