Can You Paint A Plastic Bathtub: Step By Step Guide & Tips Of Painting Plastic Bathtub

Step By Step Guide & Tips Of Painting A Plastic Bathtub

The plastic bathtubs are typically durable surfaces that can easily withstand a lot of wear and tear, but they can become dirty or turn yellow with the span of time, especially, in case if they are white. If you have a bathroom with a plastic tub that is no longer looking good, you can easily paint the plastic bathtub so that it will look new again. The steps for painting a plastic bathtub are mentioned below:
  1. Start the process by cleaning the plastic bathtub, as much as possible, with the help of a bathroom cleaner and the sponge. Scrub all the surface to remove any kind of the soap residue, mildew and the other buildup.
  2. After the above step is done then you need to rinse out the bathtub for removing the cleaner. The tub must be completely dry before proceeding to further step. The user can towel dry the tub to speed up the process, but even then the user will not completely get every bit of the moisture. For towel dry, wait at least 2 hours before proceeding further. If the user doesn't use a towel for a drying job, that time wait four to six hours.
  3. Sand down the entire surface of the plastic bathtub using the sandpaper that is included in the refinishing kit. This will help to rough the surface which in turn will help the primer to adhere much better. Finally, check over the surface to make sure that no spot is missed.
  4. Now it is time to roll on the bonding agent on all over the flat surfaces of the plastic tub, and to get into difficult corners and for shelf areas use a paintbrush. Leave the bonding agent to dry completely before moving on. This will usually take several hours. Follow the package instructions. After the bond dries the user needs to paint on the primer coat, and wait for it to dry completely as well.
  5. In this step the user needs to paint on the first coat on tub from the paint of the kit. The kit usually comes with two separate coatings as well as will indicate which one to be used first. Leave it to fully dry.
  6. After the first coat of the paint is dry then paint on the second coat. The second coat is also a sealant coat which will help it to give shine as well as create a waterproof barrier. Before using the tub it is advisable to let it dry completely.

Important Tips

  • The user can spray the epoxy paints, as this will help to provide the smoothest finish but it is more difficult than brushing and also is messy. The users will need to thin the epoxy paint most of them can be thinned with the help of acetone, but must read the directions from the paint for specific information.
  • Most of the epoxy paints are usually applied in the same way, check out the instructions with the paint for specific information. The user may need other chemicals like bonding agents, or the paint may recommend using a primer before going for painting.
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