Can I Use Acrylic Craft Paint On Furniture: Steps

Steps To Use Acrylic Craft Paint On Furniture

Customers can use acrylic paint on furniture by following the below-given Steps:
  1. Firstly wash the furniture item by warm water and a soapy solution made up of detergent and dish wash. Use a scrub and clean all the areas of your product and wash it then with water and make it dry by using a dry cloth.
  2. Use sandpaper and rub it in a circular motion on the product and use a damp cloth to remove all the dust on that product.
  3. Apply a thin layer of primer on furniture product by using a paintbrush and allow it to dry for a couple of hours.
  4. Apply a thin layer of water build acrylic paint on that product and allow it to dry for 24 hours.
  5. Once The product is completely dried apply a coat of finish and then leave it to dry in an open air.
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