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Campervan Furniture LTD

Campervan furniture is the UK based company with expertise in designing and manufacturing of the campervan furniture kits like SWB Volkswagen, Peugeot Boxers, full Race Van Conversion, etc. The company manufactures the kits for a number of vehicles such as race vans, motocross, track days, etc. Campervan develops the fitted and bespoke kits to meet the client needs. The kits designed by the company are super light in weight and have the construction of high quality hard laminated ply. The customers can get the furniture kit designed as per their requirement by the company. The company offers the standard size furniture kits as well. The kits designed by the company are compatible for both small and larger vans such as Mercedes, Veto, Vauxhall Vivaro, etc.

How To Contact

Company Address: Tickhill Rd, Maltby, Rotherham S66 7QN, UK
Phone Number: +44 7514 282553
Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday from 10 AM – 4 PM, Friday from 10 AM – 1PM
Directions: Locate company over map at Campervan Furniture Direction.

Large Flat Pack Kits Ordering

The customers are supposed to provide their own measurements for large flat pack kits but they can take assistance from the company in order to take their initial measurement with correct dimensions. To develop Large Flat Pack Kits, the company requires the exact measurement of the van arches, windows, roof vents, etc. The flat kits are designed and produced on an individual basis and are tailored with fitted doors. Additionally, the customers must take into consideration that campervan only offers "Flat large kits" excluding items like bulkheads, seat and bed base. Once the company receives the order confirmation in terms of the deposit the 3D image of the kit is forwarded to the customers Via email containing all essential information like measurements and layout once it is finalized by the customer the company starts the production process and will be generally getting ready within 2-4 weeks. The customers must know that once the order is finalized any further changes in the design will be charged by the company.


The campervan furniture designing uses very light as well as the solid plyboard for construction. These boards are available in various color ranges like white Zebrano to choose from. The customer can opt for any types of board material that exactly matches his/ her camper van or luxurious cars interiors. Few selections include of the illomba plywood, metallic blue board, pear double-sided lightweight plyglass, etc.
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