Cajun Table: Lafayette LA, Hours

Cajun Table Phone Numbers

Lafayette LA
(337) 806-9565

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday 11 AM – 9:30 PM
Friday - Saturday 11 AM – 10 PM
Sunday Closed

Do You Offer Free Pickup And Delivery?

No, the delivery & pickup is not free. However, only those will be charged who want it and the service will be worth the charge.

How Can I Pay Cajun Table?

There was a time when they used to accept credit cards after that increase in its fee, they don''t accept it anymore, however, you can pay through cash as well as check.

Do You Offer A Quick Repair Service?

If you are using their service it will take much time then expected. Most of their customers are Ok with it, however, those who need quick service will have to pay extra $35 so that their work will be done first. Apart from that, they also check if any projects need to be finished early and some can wait, at that time they shuffle accordingly.

How Much Time It Will Takes For The Repair?

For chairs who need gluing takes few days and refinishing will take around 1-2 weeks depends upon the number of other problems pop up during the process.
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