Building A Window Seat From Scratch: Step By Step Guide

Step By Step Guide Of Building A Window Seat From Scratch

A Window Seat looks very beautiful and can make any space look attractive, in order to build a window seat from Scratch follow the steps mentioned below:
  1. Remove: The first step is to remove any baseboard molding as well as the window stools and also another molding in the work area.
  2. Frame: In this step the user needs to build a small framing wall with the scratch 2×4 lumber that fits in the front width of the window perfectly. The wall should be 15? inch tall approximately. The finished height will be 17? inches tall after the lids, as well as reinforcing studs, are added. After the cushions are added, the height will be a standard 18? inches chair height. Keep the framing back that will allow for the thickness of the drywall.
  3. Attach Frame: Attach the frame to the floor with the help of screws or with framing nails. Nail in at a 45-degree angle at the ends of the framing right into the wall. Attach the 2×4 studs to the back of the bay window. The user needs to make sure that they are properly leveled with the framing wall.
  4. Measure: Now the user has to measure the distance between the front of the frame wall and the back wall. Cut at least three 2×4 supports to this depth.
  5. Cut And Attach: After the above step secure 2×4 boards on the walls of the bay window and stop at the front of the framing wall. Next, cut down a 2×4? inch scratchboard to fit in between the sidewall and the first support board. Repeat the same process for the opposite side.
  6. More Boards: Cut 2 more 2×4 boards from the scratch to fit between the support 2×4s. Make them snug so that they will reinforce the support boards and also the framing wall. The user needs to hammer these boards right to the top of the frame wall with the help of framing nails.
  7. Two Boards: Cut down two more 2×4? boards that will be used to sit on top of the boards that are attached to the back of the bay window. Nail down these two boards into place.
  8. Finished Flooring: Before attaching the support 2×4’s permanent, add a finished flooring inside the window seat.
  9. Back Support: Frame a small support wall for back support under the window. For that cut studs for framing the back support for the side windows. Drive-in screws into the back support frame to fix it to the wall and the bench supports.
  10. Bench Top: Before cutting the benchtop add drywall to the front of the bench. Cut the MDF panels for the benchtop as well as for the back. Layout the MDF panels on the bench also attach the back panels with the finish nails drive the nails into the studs behind it.
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