Build A Small Table: Steps To Build

Steps To Build A Small Table

To construct a small table the users need to follow the below-given steps:

Step 1: Designing Your Table

  1. Type Of Table: Firstly the users need to determine the type of table according to their need. The tables are available in various varieties, view the catalogues and get the ideas about the tables.
  2. Sketch A Design: Next step is to take a pencil, ruler, and paper and design a layout of the table according to the own idea.
  3. Estimate Wood: Then break the table in separate pieces and determine the amount of wood to be required for the construction of the small table.
  4. Select Wood: Now the users need to choose that wood for table which is strong, cheaper, and lasts for a longer time. Some durable hardwoods are pine, cherry, maple, etc.
  5. Purchase Wood And Cut: Next step is to buy the wood from the home improvement store and ask them to cut the wood into different components.

Step 2: Creating The Tabletop And Apron

  1. Choose The Tabletop: Place the tabletop planks on the flat surface and choose the plank for tabletop which is having a flat surface.
  2. Drill Pocket Holes: Next step is to drill the holes in the inner and outer side of the boards. For easy drilling pocket hole jig can be used.
  3. Attach The Boards: Now fix the boards together with the help of screws. Insert the screws in the drilled holes with the help of power drill and secure the tabletop.
  4. Trace The Position Of Aprons: Then mark the position under the tabletop where the apron is to be attached with it. Apron keeps the tabletop and table legs from moving.
  5. Clamp And Glue The Aprons: Now attach the apron with the tabletop by spreading the glue under the tabletop and fixing the apron on the glue.

Step 3: Attaching The Table’s Legs

  1. Trim The Legs: For attaching the legs with the tabletop, properly measure the dimensions of the legs and cut the legs by using saw according to the specified size.
  2. Glue The Legs With Apron: Then attach the legs with the apron by using the wood glue. Spread the wood glue at each corner and securely attach the legs under the tabletop.
  3. Drill Pilot Holes: Now drill the holes into the apron and legs in order to secure the legs at the proper position.
  4. Fasten The Legs To The Apron: Insert the screws into the drilled holes to attach the legs and apron together. A ratchet can be used to push the screw into the apron and leg.
  5. Let The Glue Dry: Before using the table the users need to wait until the glued area of the table dries completely.
  6. Turn The Table Over: When the glue dries flip the table and place the correct side upwards and the table is ready for use.
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