Brazilian Walnut Flooring Pros And Cons: Advantages And Disadvantages

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Brazilian Walnut Flooring


  1. Hard: It is one of the best hardwoods in the world, because of the hardness it is very durable and is damage resistant than other types of hardwood. It is less prone to dents and scratches and is suitable for the high traffic area inside home or outside.
  2. Fire Resistant: This is because of the reason that the fibers are so densely packed together that has almost the same fire rating as concrete and steel have. It takes a lot of time for burns on Brazilian walnut.
  3. Bug Resistant: The Brazilian Walnut wood contains the copious amounts of natural oil due to which it is resistant to all kinds of bugs like termites, pests, that hardwoods are prone to. Besides that, it is best for people suffering from allergies because the oil in the wood kill off mites and spores instantly.
  4. Moisture Resistant: The wood has a very smooth surface due to which water can’t penetrate in it and making it suitable for outdoor use as well.


  1. Hard: One of the cons of this wood is hardness, besides pros, it is also the drawback this is because of the reason that due to hardness it is very difficult to install.
  2. Expensive: It is one of the expensive hardwood in the market.
  3. Difficult To Maintain: The other drawback is that it is very difficult to maintain and requires high maintenance. Due to the dark color the dust gets attracted to it very fast and even tiny particles and requires weekly maintenance.
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