Book Storage Ideas For Small Spaces: Creative Ways & Ideas Of Storing Books In Small Spaces

Creative Ways & Ideas Of Storing Books In Small Spaces

There are a number of book storage ideas for small spaces. In order to explore all these ideas, the user can go through all these best and creative ideas having small spaces:

Transform Hallaway Into A Library

Bookshelves under a hallway can make wonders for transforming this, otherwise, impersonal space. They will not only help to free up space in other rooms, but it will also make the hallway look like an extension of the living room. The user can pair it up with a painting or the print on the opposite wall to make the space from practical to the decorative.

Sort Books With A Labelled Bookcase

If the user is the owner of a substantial library, that time sorting of the books can get difficult. Make the task of sorting out the books less time consuming with the help of choosing a bookcase that will do the sorting for the user. Storage as well as an organizer in one bookcase.

Create A Contemporary Look With Cube Storage

A cube shelving is one of the most versatile of all book storage options available. Easy to customize will totally depend on the needs of the user, cube storage is especially good for sorting of books of the different sizes.

Create A Bookshelf Wall With Paint

If the book storage is fitted, that time painting it with a bold color can help to create a stunning statement wall that will give depth to the living room. The user can consider a deep charcoal grey, like railings from the Farrow and the Ball for an on-trend look.

Console Table

The user can choose a bookcase that doubles up as a console table, looking for the small house storage options, then it is advisable to select something that can perform the multitask, like a bookcase that can also be used as the console table in a hallway. Store keys, gloves, as well as the dog leash right in a box on the top or in a drawer.

Floating Shelves

If the user likes the storage to occupy as little as possible a visual space or simply like the books themselves to take the centre stage then the floating shelving is a good option to go for. Floating shelving is very easy to install as well as also is completely inconspicuous, it helps a lot to make the books easy to locate.

Floor To Ceiling Shelves

In the open-plan spaces, use the bookshelves to create a reading point. All that is needed to add is just a comfy chair and a reading light to have a personal library.

Create A Design Accent

There is nothing wrong with the plain square bookshelves, but for something more characterful, simply choose one that is been designed to stand out. The user can use it to make a wall feature simply by placing up decorative pieces and the vases on alongside the books.

Choose Bookends With Storage

Bookends are time-tested and also often neglected, it is the easy way to keep all the current reading neat and also accessible. Go for the ones that can also accommodate the reading glasses and stationery.

Take The Heavy Weight Out

Most of the Bookcases can be very heavy, which is not a good option if the user moves a lot, or like to reorganize the living space on a frequent basis. In that case, use a metal mesh storage unit which is easier to move and will also add a cool industrial element to the interior space.
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