Bone Inlay Furniture Adelaide: Overview

General Overview

Here are some of the bone inlay furniture products:
  1. Bone Inlay Bedside Table: This product is pinkish in color with two drawers. For storage, it is used in bedrooms for bedside essentials and it is 50cm wide, 58cm high, 35cm deep. It is also Handcrafted that you can wipe or clean with a soft cloth without using chemicals because chemicals will fade the finishing of the table.
  2. Bone Inlay French Drawers | Grey: It is a unique piece greyish in color with handmade design also having 4 drawers with beautifully curved lines. This product is also available in Baby Pink, Duck Egg Blue, White, and Mother of Pearl with Dimensions 105cm wide, 85cm high, 50cm deep.
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