Bob Furniture Human Resources: FAQ's

Some Of The Frequently Asked Questions About Bob Furniture Human Resources

Do Bob Furniture Human Resources Company Take Away The Old Furniture Stuff?
Bobs Furniture will only remove old bedding if they have purchased new bedding from them and they have it shipped through their standard shipping. All other furniture except bedding will not be removed by them. Also, if the customers have the new bedding delivered through FedEx, they will also not remove old bedding.
Can The Customers Make Changes To Their Order After Placing It?
After the customers have placed their order, it is straight away forwarded for processing which means changes cannot be made on their order once placed.
Do Bob Furniture Human Resources Company Offer Coupons Found On Common Coupon Websites?
Bobs discount doesn't provide any coupons which mean any coupon you see by the name of Bobs Furniture on common coupon sites is fraudulent.
Phone Number: 860-474-1000 and 800-569-1284.
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