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General Overview And Contact Details

Based in the beautiful Fraser Valley, BC, their boutique style stores offers environmentally and unique friendly solid wood living, dining, and bedroom furniture. They are particularly proud of their way in which their materials are sourced and the traditional ways in which their furniture is made, crafted and finished. Firstly the wood is collected, then all nails and debris are removed by hand. The recycled wood is dried to exacting specifications, the off-cut timber which is collected from making the products is used as fuel the kilns and boilers. All the measures are taken to control moisture content to minimum warping or splitting. All the product is assembled by hand. The Original nail holes and imperfections are retained to enhance the real character of the wood. The hand brushing finishing technique creates a unique color, patina and a feeling of warmth. The result is furniture that will add beauty and elegance to customers home.
Blueberry furniture has a wide range of collection where every customer almost gets the furniture of their choice, for example, Barnyard FSC Reclaimed, Tuscany FSC Reclaimed, New England FSC Reclaimed, Flea Market FSC Reclaimed, Beachwood FSC Reclaimed, Coventry FSC Reclaimed, for further information please click on Collection.
Contact Details
Address: 110, 33780 Essendene Ave, Abbotsford, BC V2S 2H2, Canada.
Phone Number: +1 604-746-4470
Email Support: For general sales, delivery or product related questions, mail at
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