Best Wood Look Flooring: Alternatives For Wood

7 Best Alternatives

The best alternatives that the user can go for instead of wood flooring are as follows:
  1. Natural Bamboo: The bamboo wood is environmentally friendly and also a natural type of wood which looks similar to hardwood planks. The bamboo wood is not so expensive so the user can easily afford it.
  2. Long-Lasting Laminate: Laminate is durable, inexpensive and attractive product. There are so many types of color or variety available for the laminates. The laminate looks similar to stone, wood or any other natural material. The laminate is also resistance from moisture and stains and can install anywhere in the home, the best place for installing the laminate is hallways, bathroom, and kitchens.
  3. Pretty Porcelain: Pretty Porcelain is a type of tile which looks similar to wood flooring. Many types of color, designs, and sizes are available for pretty porcelain tile. The porcelain tile is also so durable and water-resistant and easy-to-clean.
  4. Wood-Look Vinyl Planks: The wood-look vinyl planks are attractive, affordable, durable, and alternative to the hardwood floor planks. The cleaning process of the vinyl floor planks is easy.
  5. Comfy Cork: The comfy cork is environmentally friendly and this is natural material to avoid mildew, insects and mold. The comfy cork reduces the noise of walking.
  6. Painted Plywood: Painted plywood is best alternative to hardwood flooring. The user can easily paint the plywood with different types of designs and pattern.
  7. Classic Linoleum: The classic linoleum is comfortable, durable and inexpensive and too many type of pattern and designs are available for the classic linoleum.
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