Best Wood For Outdoor Furniture: What Wood Is Best For Outdoor Use

What Wood Is Best For Outdoor Use?

There are many types of wood from which outdoor furniture products are manufactured. But all the wood types are not of good quality. The wood should have certain important properties like durability, maintenance, density, aging, etc. The best wood for manufacturing outdoor furniture products are given below:
Teak Wood: It is a type of hardwood that is used for manufacturing high-quality outdoor furniture products. It is one of the sturdy hardwood that is available in the market. It has long lasting durability. Teak wood furniture is weather resistant and less maintenance is required by the teak wood.
Robinia Wood: It is a type of dense hardwood. It is used for crafting high-quality outdoor furniture products. It is durable and sturdy. It holds any type of paint which is the plus point of the Robinia wood. The paintable feature has made the Robinia one of the popular woods for outdoor furniture. It also needs less maintenance.
Cedar Wood: It is a lightweight wood that is usually used for making outdoor furniture products. This type of wood does not get affected by rot, beetle, and termite. It requires daily maintenance.
Eucalyptus Wood: This type of wood is most popular in manufacturing outdoor furniture. It has high durability. This type of wood has a smooth finish. It is not costly. It is water resistant wood.
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