Best Wood For Indoor Furniture: Popular Choices Of Wood

Popular Choices of Wood for Indoor Furniture

When a person is looking to furnish his home, the first thing he will consider is to select the furniture made of the wood that is best suited to indoor places. Some of the popular woods used to make indoor furniture products are as follows;
  1. Oak Wood: Oak is one of the most durable hardwoods mostly used to construct kitchen furniture and flooring. The furniture and flooring made of oak wood look beautiful but over time the wood can turn yellowish. As per the contrast, red oak is porous and slightly darker in a shade that is fairly expensive. Oak is considered as an excellent choice for indoor furniture.
  2. Mahogany Wood: Mahogany is a traditional wood that provides the strength of oak. The wood is lighter in weight compared to several types of wood species that provides a beautiful appearance. Mahogany Wood is sourced from Latin America and with time it is becoming hard to find the Wood that makes it a little expensive.
  3. Maple Wood: There are different types of Maple woods available in the market all of which are ideal to construct furniture products due to their durable nature. Maple wood is naturally non-toxic and wears extremely well that makes it a popular choice to make kitchen cutting boards. Besides that, Maple wood is available in several grain patterns that depend upon the type of maple selected to construct the furniture.
  4. Cherry Wood: Cherry is a type of hardwood that is resistant to dents and scratches. The wood is also naturally non-toxic and comes in an even grain pattern. Besides that, cherry wood darkens over time that makes it a popular choice among people to construct indoor furniture products.
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