Best Wood For Furniture: Types Of Wood For Furniture Making

What Are The Different Types Of Wood For Furniture Making

Different types of woods are available in the market for manufacturing furniture products. The selection of wood depends upon the amount of money and the usage of the furniture product. The softwood is less expensive and damages easily while the hardwood is costly and has long-lasting durability. All types of woods are available in different looks. The different types of woods that are best suited for manufacturing furniture products are mentioned below:
  1. Mahogany Furniture: It is one of the traditional and excellent types of wood that is used in manufacturing furniture products. It has a reddish-brown color and it has lightweight. This type of wood is expensive as well.
  2. Pine Furniture: It is a softwood that is available in different varieties like Yellow, Sugar, Ponderosa, and White. To work on pine wood is easy. This type of wood is not expensive.
  3. Oak Furniture: Oak is one of the best and most used wood for manufacturing the furniture products. Oak is available in 2 types that are red oak and white oak. White oak is moisture resistant and hence is used for making outdoor furniture products.
  4. Maple Furniture: It is a nontoxic material that does not harm environment. Maple wood furniture is available in two types that are hard maple and soft maple. This type of wood is affordable to everyone.
  5. Poplar Wood Furniture: It is one of the most often used wood furniture. The color of the poplar wood is white with some green and brown marks of lines. This type of wood is cheaper.

There are other best woods that are suitable for making furniture products like Cherry wood Furniture, Teak wood furniture, and Cedar Furniture.
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