Best Wood For Bathroom Cabinet: Best Category Of Wood

The Best Category of wood Material For Bathroom Cabinet

The selection of material for making the bathroom cabinets is a very difficult task. The material from which the bathroom cabinet is made will decide the durability and lifespan of the cabinets. Different wood materials are used while making the bathroom cabinets. Some of the wood materials that are used for making the bathroom cabinets are described below:
  • Solid Wood: The solid wood material is one of the least wood material that is used for making the bathroom cabinets. The humidity in the bathroom keeps on changing that results in the expansion and contraction of the wood boards. Thus with the period there occurs cracks in the solid wood which decreases the long-lasting durability of the cabinets.
  • Plywood: For making the bathroom cabinets the users can use the plywood material. The plywood is glued with the layer of veneer. The change in humidity will not cause any effect on the plywood boards. When the edges of the plywood come in contact with the water, the edges or ends of the plywood boards may get damaged and with time there may occur crack in the veneer layer.
  • MDF: Medium Density Fiberboard(MDF) is another wood material which can be used by the users for making the bathroom cabinets. The MDF boards are not costly and provide a great look when used for making the bathroom cabinets.
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