Best Way To Remove Vinyl Flooring From Concrete: Two Easy Methods Of Removing Vinyl Flooring

Two Easy Methods Of Removing Vinyl Flooring From Concrete

If you want to remove vinyl flooring from concrete by yourself then you just need to read and follow the given two easy step by step methods. Here are the two easy methods for this process:

Method 1: Use Stripper Tool

This tool will make your work very easier and it is specially designed to remove the strips or any roll of PVC floors and also the vinyl floor sheets. If you already have your stripper to perform this job then you need to know that you must incorporate a rigid & thick sheet at its end that will help you to lift your vinyl flooring. Once you incorporate your sheet into your pickling tool then you must make sure that it is fixed well so that it will not come out while the soil is removed and thus avert accidents. Here are the steps to remove self-adhesive vinyl floor rolls with a stripper:
  • Firstly, clear your work area as your first step is to condition your area to work by removing furniture and any other objects that make it impossible to do your work.
  • Now simply make vinyl cuts in order to be able to get faster to the grooves betwixt your vinyl floor rolls & the concrete, you need to make a series of cuts with your cutter ensuring that they are properly straight and well-distributed lines to cover your vinyl entire floor. Once your stripper machine is connected properly, give it at a medium speed and once this way we will progress to place your sheet in the grooves that are betwixt your vinyl floor and your concrete slab.
  • Next dissolve your floor glue in order to make vinyl PVC floor sheet that can be removed very easily, we can spread a layer of the petroleum jelly on your surface or failing silicone silk that will help dissolve your applied glue that has your floor.
  • Now use tripper, once your metal sheet is inserted into your groove but very carefully with your one hand and will introduce your stripper with your other hand will raise the ground so that your blade can now move faster.
  • Remove your vinyl PVC floor roll, simply repeat this process with each of your vinyl floor sheets or the marks made on your floor with your cutter until we finish removing all your PVC floor.

Method 2: Use Metal Spatula

  • Clear your work area as your first step is to condition your area to work by removing furniture and objects as you do before.
  • Next cut Strips On PVC Floor Sheet, simply cut your vinyl floor sheet into 30-35 cm strips by using your large utility knife, extending from your one wall to another. It is very easier to remove and handle the small strips rather than your entire surface of the lino.
  • Soft adhesive, use a hot air gun (or hairdryer) to heat the top of your vinyl flooring strip to make the already applied adhesive soft enough. In order to soften the lino and make it more flexible than you just need to heat each corner of your roll vinyl floor. Once you pry your block long enough then you can easily grab it and continue heating with your hot air gun and pull the old adhesive while pulling it out.
  • Peel vinyl floor strip, simply pry off your roll vinyl floor with the help of a hard putty knife under your strip. Once you pry your block long enough, you can now grab it and then you have to continue heating with your hot air gun and pull the adhesive while pulling it out.
  • Continue till you complete removing, continue the above operation until your each vinyl floor cut into the strips is peeled from your concrete floor and then you have to understand how to remove the glue which is left on your floor.
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