Best Way To Paint Wooden Furniture: Easy Steps To Paint

The wooden furniture looks good in-home or in the office and makes human activities easier like sitting, eating, sleeping.
The wooden furniture gets old and faded color after a short period of time and need to repaint or repair.

Steps To Paint Wooden Furniture

Here are the easy steps to paint a wooden furniture:

Preparing The Furniture

  1. Prepare The Area For The Painting Project: This is a first step to paint a wooden furniture. The user have to start work in well ventilated area.
  2. Remove: The user need to remove any type of pulls and knobs from the wooden furniture. Screw driver will work best.
  3. Wood Putty: The Wood putty can fill any type of holed or chipped area from furniture. Apply wood putty on the wooden furniture then remove any extra putty with putty knife.
  4. Sand The Surface: The sanding process will help to remove any existing lacquer and varnish. Use medium sandpaper to sand wooden furniture.
  5. Wipe: After sanding the wooden furniture now wipe sanding dust with a dry tack cloth that results from sanding the wooden furniture.


  1. Brush Or Spray: Now prime the wooden furniture with paintbrush or with a paint sprayer and dry the wooden furniutre then apply 2 more coats on it.
  2. Sand The Primed Surface: After primer is dried on the wooden furniture, again sand surface of the wooden furniture fine-grit sandpaper. Clean sawdust with tack cloth.
  3. Apply Additional Coats Of Primer: Another coat of primer is required now, apply 1 more coat of primer on the wood furniture.

Painting And Finishing

  1. Coat The Wooden Furniture: Choose latex paint for wooden furniutre and apply the latex paint with a foam roller and let the paint dry.
  2. Apply A Second Coat Of Paint: Now the user need to apply 2nd coat of latex paint and let the another coat dry before sanding it again.
  3. Sand Between Coats Of Paint: After drying latex paint, again sand the wooden furniture with fine grade sandpaper.
  4. Seal The Paint Job: Now seal the wooden furniture with best paint sealer like Chemical Guys JetSeal Paint Sealant.
  5. Add Or Replace Hardware: Now attach new or old knobs and pull to the wooden furniture.
  6. Dry: Allow the wooden furniture to dry completely.
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