Best Way To Install Bamboo Flooring: How To Install

How to Install Bamboo Flooring?

Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily install the Bamboo Flooring:

Step 1: Prepare to Install

1. Remove All The Furniture: The customers need to start by removing all the furniture items, rugs and other carpets from the floor.
2. Detach The Baseboards And The Old Flooring: The customers then need to remove all the baseboards and the old flooring as well from the floor in order to expose the below subfloor.

Step 2: Evaluate the Subfloor

1.Examine The Moisture Content: The customers need to check the moisture volume of the floor by using the moisture test kit. If the customers find out that the moisture value is more than 12% for the wooden floor and more than the 75% for the concrete floor then in those cases the bamboo flooring won't be suitable at all.
2. Clean The Subfloor As Well: The customers then need to remove all the dust and the debris particles from the subfloor by using the vacuum or the soft brush.
3. Calculate The Size Dimensions: The customers then need to use the measuring tape in order to calculate the exact size dimensions of the subfloor.
4. Place The New Bamboo Planks: The customers need to place the new Bamboo planks in the room where they are going to get installed for near about 4 days so that the new bamboo planks will get adjusted according to the humidity of the room.

Step 3: Install the Bamboo Flooring

1. Use The Nails Or Glue: The customers then need to trim the bamboo flooring as per the taken measurements of the subfloor. They then need to lay the first bamboo plank in a horizontal row and affix it by placing the wood nails through the drilled holes.
2. Repeat The Same Procedure: The customers need to repeat the same technique and procedure while affixing the other rows of the bamboo plank.
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