Best Way To Hang Things On A Fiberglass Door: Smart Hacks Of Hanging Things On A Fiberglass Door

Smart Hacks Of Hanging The Things On A Fiberglass Door

The fiberglass doors are getting widely used & this is because of the durability as well as the lightness that it has when compared with other doors that are made from other materials. The fiberglass is stronger as well as harder than the wood but can also be easily drilled with the help of wood drill bits. Some of the smart hacks for hanging the things on a fiberglass door are mentioned below:

Over-The-Door Hooks

A hook that is used to fit on the top of the edge of the door easily holds the towels, jackets as well as the bathrobes, besides all this, these kinds of the hook does not need any type of the fastener. It just needs simply to set in the area that is over the top of the fiberglass door. Simple and the common types are manufactured from only one piece of the molded plastic while the other side, the adjustable one, has a metal bracket that tightens over the fiberglass door while something is placed on it. These kinds of brackets will fit very comfortably in-between the door as well as the jamb once the door is closed.

Suction And Putty Hooks

The other best way is to use the hooks having the suction-cup bases & these kinds of hooks are best used on the tile walls, but they can also be used on the door type that has a window. These suction cups will easily only stick to glass, but will not stick with the wood and this is because the wooden grain will prevent the seal that is required for suction.

Pot Lids Rack

This is a kind of kitchen makeover that includes the installation of a rack on the kitchen for lids. The rack will hang from the inside of the pantry door, which is the best and the better solution other than trying to stack up against them on a shelf.

Craft Supplies Station

If the collection of the art supplies, notebooks, as well as the other craft items are not getting any space, that time use the space that is on the back of a door for getting the more organized look. The user can use the pegboard, file holders, as well as the small trash for creating the right spot for everything.

Tool Organizer

If the user wants a better solution for keeping the tools as well as the everyday fix-it tools in the handy space, then the simple way is to just place up some hooks, baskets, or the magnetic bar from the inside of a fiberglass door.
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