Best Way To Clean Textured Vinyl Flooring: Simple Steps To Clean

General Overview

Vinyl flooring is much preferred for kitchens and bathrooms due to its waterproofing nature. The flooring can be easily maintained and cleaned. The vinyl flooring is prone to get dirty and needs to be cleaned using a number of different ways. Keeping vinyl properly maintained will help in maintaining the endurance and beauty of this cost-effective flooring.

Simple Steps To Clean The Textured Vinyl Flooring

The simple steps to clean the textured vinyl flooring are mentioned below:

Maintaining The Floor

The steps to maintain the textured vinyl flooring are mentioned below:
  1. Doormat: To keep the floor protected always use the doormat.
  2. Sweep: Regular sweeping of the floor is good to keep dirt and dust from building up.
  3. Spill Cleaning: The spill stains of juice or water need to be immediately cleaned prior it dries on the floor because once the spills dry they are hard to remove.
  4. Vinegar Solution: Add vinegar to the bucket of hot water and rub the floor with the same.
  5. Commercial Cleaner: If the vinegar is not sufficient, the floor can also be cleaned with the vinyl floor cleaner.

Deep Textured Vinyl Floor Cleaning

1.Create Solution: Create the solution using the hot water, apple cedar vinegar, and soap detergent. Once the solution is ready, mop the floor with the same.
2.Scuffs: If the vinyl floor is affected by the scuffs just rub them using the jojoba oil. Pour some jojoba oil over the clean cloth and rub over the scuff marks.
3.Baking Soda: Create the thick paste of the baking soda and water and apply the same over the stains. The baking soda paste is ideal to remove the stains of the food, wine, etc.
4.Rubbing Alcohol: Pour rubbing alcohol over the clean cloth and rub the floor with stains like ink with the same.
5.Brush: If the stain does not remove with the soft cloth just rub it with the nylon brush.
6.Rinse: Once stains are removed rinse the entire floor with clean and fresh water to remove all the leftover.
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