Best Way To Clean Linoleum Floors: Easy Steps To Clean


The linoleum flooring is also known as lino. The material used to make the linoleum flooring is wood flour, cork dust, pine rosin, linseed oil, and pigments also used to give the desired color finish. The "inlaid" another type of linoleum flooring is extremely durable. The lifespan of linoleum flooring is nearly 20-40 years if cared properly. The linoleum floor is not too expensive and anyone can afford it easily. Many designs and patterns of linoleum flooring are available in the market and the cleaning process of linoleum is not a hard task to do.

Steps To Clean Linoleum Flooring

Here are easy steps to clean linoleum flooring. Just follow the given steps carefully:

Cleaning Linoleum Floors

  1. Clean Up: The cleaning of linoleum floor is necessary. The user can use different methods to clean the floor like sweeping, vacuuming, and dust mopping. If the user is cleaning the floor with vacuum cleaner then set hard surface mode on vacuum cleaner.
  2. Natural Cleaning Solution: Natural cleaning solution is also useful to clean the linoleum floor easily. Simply, make a solution in a large bucket, just mix white vinegar (1/2) with lukewarm water (1/4).
  3. Chemical Cleaning Solution: The chemical cleaning solutions is linoleum-specific cleaning product. Simply mix equal amount of water and chemical cleaning solution in a large bucket and drop 7-8 drops of mild detergent in it.
  4. Mop The Floor: Use mopper to clean the floor with solutions. Rub the floor with dipped mopper to clean dirt and minor stains.
  5. Rinse The Floor: Rinse the floor with clean water. The user can also use a chemical solution in clean water.
  6. Dry The Floor: Finally, dry the linoleum floor for nearly 7-8 hours before walking or moving items on it.

Polishing Linoleum Floor

  1. Pour The Polish: Never pour the linoleum floor polish directly on floor. Use a bucket to pour the polish on the floor.
  2. Polish To The Floor: Finally, apply polish on the floor with a clean damp mop or with clean rag cloth. 1-3 coats of polish are recommended on the floor, leave 30 minutes gap between each coat.
  3. Dry: After applying the polish on floor, now let the floor to dry for 1 hours before using it.
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