Best Type Of Glass For Shower Doors: Best & Ultimate Glass Options For Shower Doors

Best & Ultimate Glass Options For Shower Doors

Glass shower enclosures are usually created with the help of several different types of glass. Current there are a huge collection of the glasses to choose, below is a breakdown of types of glasses for shower doors:

Clear Glass

It is a standard clear glass that is the most commonly used glass option for the shower enclosures. These type of glasses has high clarity with a little minimal greenish tint and is very easy to maintain.

HD Glass Low-Iron Glass

This type of glass is manufactured using reduced iron content. It has the very less greenish tint in the glass that in turn results in an exceptional form of clarity. It has a colorless appearance, as well as higher light transmission. The true colors of the shower tile can be easily seen from outside of the shower enclosures.

Opaque-Clear Glass

It is produced by the sand-blasting regular glass. Distinctive as well as uniformly smooth and has a satin-like appearance. The opaque glass admits the soft light while providing a little bit of opacity.

Rain Glass

The rain glass has beautiful patterns of the rain that give it a very distinctive decorative look. It admits soft light while also giving visual control. This type of glass only has one side that is patterned and the other side is smooth for the easier cleaning, it is ideal for concealing watermarks, fingerprints as well as other minor stains. Also, only one side of this glass is etched and having the side smooth for the easier cleaning.


Distinctive glass, that is textured on one side. This type of glass provides a higher level of privacy, which is similar to Opaque-Clear glass. It has the look of just like the ice frozen on the glass which in turn gives the glass high opacity.

Bronze Glass

Bronze glass gives a tinted coppery look. The opaque bronze glass is regarded as the unique choice for the shower door glass. The tint that it has adds to the privacy of the shower enclosure.

Gray Glass

This kind of shower glass has a tinted smokey look. It has the darkest tints, the gray shower glass usually offers the most privacy. To get the unique look in the bathroom choose gray shower glass panels.
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