Best Shower Doors For Tubs: Best Shower Door Options For Bathtub

Best Shower Door Options For Bathtub

Choosing the right shower door for the tub can be a little bit difficult task, but don't worry we are here to help you. Below the user can find out a list of best options for a shower door that can be used for bathtubs:

Frameless Doors

A frameless shower door has sturdy tempered glass that is usually 3/8" to about 1/2" inch thick which does not need the support of the metal all around its exterior edges. The end result is a clean-lined, having a modern look that is free from any of the visual obstructions. One of the reasons why the frameless shower doors are so popular is its beautiful stonework, tile designs, as well as the gleaming hardware. One of the important things to keep in mind is that the frameless doors do include some of the metal.

Semi-Frameless Shower Doors

The contemporary look of a frameless shower door is usually costly, the best alternative for that is a semi-frameless door. Look for the high-quality components like the bonded hinges, solid handles as well as patented glass coating. Most of the semi-frameless pivot door has 3/8" inch thick tempered glass and also is taller than the standard 76-inch height that helps to give a sleek as well as streamlined look at the fair price point.

Framed Shower Doors

Just because the framed shower doors are affordable doesn't mean that they are not eye-catching as other frameless counterparts. The user will find many of the models that are not only attractive but also are sturdy, due to the heavy-duty aluminum frame which helps to add strength as well as support.

Glass Tub Enclosures

A glass tub enclosure is also a good option for the bathtubs. Most of these types of tub doors usually feature 3/8" inch thick glass which is treated with a protective coating. The doors will glide effortlessly on the stainless steel wheels that are over a stainless steel track bar.

Sliding Doors

The Sliding doors are also known as bypass doors & are a practical choice for the tub enclosures as well as for the narrow bathrooms having closely-spaced fixtures. The frameless sliding doors help to show off the beauty of the shower without taking too much room space.

Pivoting Door

The pivoting shower doors are also known as the swinging or the hinge doors that open just like a standard door. They can easily make a sophisticated statement in any of a traditional or a cottage-style bath such as any master suite.
If planning to purchase a swing-out door, then it is a good idea to get professional help for measuring the space. It is important to make sure that there is enough clearance in between the fully opened door as well as surrounding the bath fixtures.

Bi-Fold Shower Doors

Folding or the bi-fold shower doors are another good option when looking for a wider enough walk-in opening but there is not enough space for a pivot door. These kinds of doors offer a clean, custom glass look as well as can be installed right over a shower stall or a tub.

Partial Tub Enclosure

A partial glass enclosure or the door on a shower stall or tub is an option that is both affordable as well as modern.

Textured Glass Finishes

Frosted or the textured glass will help to add privacy and a bit of fun to the shower, and they are very easy to maintain than the clear-glass.
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