Best Shower Doors For Small Bathrooms: Different Types Of Shower Doors Used For Bathrooms

Different Types Of Shower Doors Used For Small Bathroom

If there is very less space available in the bathroom and the user is not able to make the decision about the right shower door, then below are the different types of the shower doors that can be used for bathroom with small space:

Frameless Shower Doors

A frameless shower space has a strong tempered glass that does not need any metal support for the purpose of the exterior edges. The end result look is a modern as well as clean-lined shower space having no visual obstruction. If the user love to showcase the stonework or the intricate tile designs, then this is the right option. However, the user also needs to note that the frameless doors include some of the minimal metal that is used for the clips on the stationary panels, handles. This type of shower door can free up the area as well as give the space a more spacious feel.

Semi-Frameless Shower Doors

Doors with the frames all along from the top as well as from sides are also known as the frameless doors. But the installation process is known as semi-frameless. The next good thing about a frameless door is the semi-frameless. This can suit any budget who can not afford the frameless door option which is usually quite costly. The user can pick up the high-quality parts such as solid handles, patented glass coating, as well as permanently bonded hinges.

Glass Tub Enclosure

The other best option for the small bathrooms is to make a glass tub enclosure to get the visual luxury of the area. It is very sleeker than a normal shower curtain. It is highly recommended to install a frameless sliding tub door that is treated with the protective coating. This makes the shower door to glide without any effort on the stainless steel wheels. However, it is important to note the cost of installing a glass tub enclosure in the bathroom is quite high.

Bi-Fold Shower Doors

These kinds of shower doors are usually the perfect options for those who want a wider walk-in but there is not enough space for a pivot type door. There are a different number of frameless designs that are available for the bi-fold shower doors. They can be installed for tubs as well as for showers.

Shower Door Ideas And Partial Enclosure

The partial glass enclosure can easily make a small bathroom look more spacious. The user can install a partial glass enclosure either on a tub or on a shower stall to get this look. This is known as the European-style option. This type of enclosure is not only affordable but also has a very highly sophisticated look.

Walk In Showers

The Walk-in shower is a perfect option for the small bathrooms, it has the sleek, glass panels that enhance a sense of space. If updating an existing bathroom then replace it with a walk-in shower to make it look larger. They can be easily fitted right into the corner, where there are two glass panels, that uses only one glass shower screen. The user can even fit a walk into the shower for a designer look.
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