Best Paint For Wrought Iron Furniture: Spray & Patio

General Overview

Wrought Iron furniture is one of the best choices for patios as the furniture looks elegant as well as enhances the overall beauty of the gardens. When exposed continuously to the sun and other outside elements the wrought iron furniture tends to lose its grace and can become dull and rusty in appearance. To get the appearance back the furniture needs to be refinished with the best paint. There are a number of different wrought iron paints available in the market that can be chosen according to the desire to give the updated and modern look to the wrought iron patio furniture.

How To Clean Rust From Wrought Iron Patio Furniture before Painting?

Wrought iron patio furniture is prone to rust due to continuous exposure to the moisture and other rust causing elements. It is very important to remove the rust before refinishing or painting the furniture in order to achieve the desired results and make it last longer. Few easy ways to remove the rust is mentioned as below:
1. Scrubbing: This can be done by using dry wire brush once the major part of the rust is removed by wire brush dust out the remaining dirt with the help of the dry paintbrush.
2. Sanding: Sand properly the entire furniture piece to remove all types of the rust and loose paint if any using medium-grit sandpaper.
3. Rust Remover: Get the best rust remover to make a solution by adding it in the bucket of water. Note to follow the instructions labeled on the rust remover for preparation of the solution.
4. Apply Solution: Dip the Wirebrush properly into the solution and apply it over the entire piece without missing the single space in a circular direction.
5. Steel Wool: Clean the remaining residue using a paintbrush and follow up by scrubbing the furniture piece using steel wool pad to make it lustrous again.
6. Water Cleaning: Put the sponge into the clean water to wipe the furniture properly.
7. Dry: Let the furniture completely air dry.
8. Primer: Use rust resistant primer on the furniture and let it dry.
9. Rust Resistant Paint: Apply the high-quality rust-resistant paint over the furniture in two coats. The application of the paint must be done using a medium-bristled paint brush. The paint must be dried properly. After this wrought iron furniture can also be repainted with the desired color as well.


Spray paint is one of the best ways to restore the lost wrought iron finish back as it comes with easy application and offers the smooth finish. There are a number of the best quality wrought iron patio furniture paint spray available in the market that performs the job extremely well such as Rust-Oleum 249131 11 Oz Universal All Surface Spray Paint, Oil Rubbed Bronze Metallic. This paint spray is versatile and can be used on a number of the surfaces wicker, metal, plastic, etc. The paint has wonderful durability and prevents rust, fading and chipping due to its oil-based formulation. The spray paint offers the exceptional lustrous look to the metal surfaces.
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