Best Paint For Furniture: Wood, Laminate & Wrought Iron Furniture

Best Paint For Wood Furniture

There are many paints available in the market that can be used on furniture products. The best paints that can be applied on to the furniture are mentioned below:
  1. Beyond Paint: This type of paint is applied on to the desks, toddler bed, table tops, dresser, etc. It is painted with the help of roller for providing the best results. This type of paint is very expensive and this paint has 12 to 14 color options.
  2. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint: This paint is mostly used on the furniture products. This paint is applied in two coats for the smoothening of the furniture. It is available in 32 color options. This paint is costly and needs a protective wax coating every 6 months.
  3. Amy Howard At Home One Step Paint: This paint is free from poisonous material. It is available in 52 color options and is considered as the best paint for the furniture products.
  4. Americana Decor: This type of paint is applied on to the office furniture products. It has 29 color options. It dries quickly and is hard to spread it over the surface.
  5. BB Frosch: It is a powder which is mixed with the paint and is then applied on to the furniture product. It has long lasting durability. This paint is very costly.

Apart from the above-mentioned paints, there are more paints that can be applied on to furniture. They are Folk Art Chalky Paint, Shabby Paints, and Country Chic Paints.

Best Way To Paint Laminate Furniture

Laminate is an artificial smooth and shining material. It is a non-porous material that looks like a picture of a smooth wood surface. It is used as a cover on cheaper furniture to give high-quality look. Below are given steps for how to apply paint on laminate furniture:
  1. First step is to clean the surface of the laminate furniture on which paint is to be applied.
  2. Next step is to take sandpaper and sand the surface of the laminate furniture.
  3. Paint the surface of the laminate furniture with primer for making the surface look shiny.
  4. Now apply 3 coats of paint on the laminate furniture.
  5. The Last step is to apply an outer coat of paint for the protection of the laminate furniture.

Best Way To Paint Wrought Iron Furniture

For painting wrought iron furniture products below given steps need to be followed:
  1. Start to paint the surface of wrought iron furniture only when the surface is dry.
  2. Next step is to clean the wrought iron with vinegar and remove the old paint and rust from the surface of the wrought iron furniture.
  3. Apply two coats of primer on the surface of the furniture and let it dry for 24 hours.
  4. Finally apply paint on the surface of the furniture. Spray paints can also be used for doing the job faster.
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