Best Outdoor Wood For Furniture: Finish, Sealer And Stain

Best Outdoor Wood For Furniture

Here are some of the types of wood that are suitable for outdoor furniture:
  • Teak Wood: The Teak wood is one of the best choices for the patio areas because of its water-resistant property. The Teak wood does not get bulky or does not get swollen if it is left for water for a longer period of time. The Teakwood also requires minimal maintenance and will last for many years as well.
  • Eucalyptus Wood: The Eucalyptus Wood is also a great choice for the outdoor areas and can easily last for many years if it is with the water-build acrylic sealant. The eucalyptus wood is also less expensive and can be afforded by anyone.
  • Cedar Wood: The Cedarwood is one kind of softwood that is extremely light in weight and is having high durability. The Cedarwood is water resistant and will last for the lifetime if it is treated with a layer of the protective oil.
  • White Oak: The White Oak wood does not get decayed so easily and the wood grains of this wood does not get loosen even if left in the rain for a couple of days.

Best Outdoor Wood Furniture Finish/Stains

Here are some of the best types of finishes that are suitable for outdoor wood:
  • Varnish: The Varnishes usually form a protective layer all over the surface of the furniture products. The Varnishes are basically used in the wood finishing process and that finishes are extremely sparkling and glossy. The Varnishes also act as a barrier and protect the furnishing products from the UV radiations as well. The varnish layers do not get easily damaged from the moisture.
  • Epoxy Sealer: The Epoxy sealer is long-lasting and durable that will last for a long time. This sealer protects the wood from getting swollen or getting shrunk because of the moisture. The Epoxy sealer also protects the furniture product from getting decayed or getting stained.
  • Exterior Oil: The Exterior oil finish is one of the easiest ways of finishing the outdoor furnishing products. The exterior oil will protect the furnishing products UV radiations and discoloration as well.

Best Outdoor Wood Furniture Sealer

Here are some of the examples of the sealer that are suitable for outdoor wood:
  • Bond Distributing LTD: This sealer restores the original color of any kind of outdoor wood. This sealer will not let the wood furniture to converge, crack or get peeled off.
  • Thompsons Waterseal: This sealer protects the wood from any kind of water damage, UV damage and also from the discoloration as well. This sealer is transparent in color and that is why can easily adjust with any kind of wood furniture product.
  • Semco Teak Sealer: This sealer is water built and protects the wood from the water damage. This sealer is also environmentally friendly and also protects the wood from the harmful UV radiations as well.
  • Defy Extreme Wood Stain: This sealer contains the zinc particles in it that offers a glossy matte finish to the wood furnishing product and also protects the wood furniture from the decay and discoloration as well.
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