Best Engineered Wood Flooring For High Traffic: Properties Of Best Engineered Wood

Properties of Best Engineered Wood Flooring For High Traffic

Engineered Wood Flooring is extremely durable as it can withstand high pressure and heavy footsteps constantly without budging. In general, all types of engineered wood flooring are suited to high traffic areas as it doesn't contract or expand like other wood types. Besides that, engineered wood is considered as an attractive option for high traffic entryways as it holds up the temperature fluctuations that can occur once the doors are closed and opened. If the user is looking to buy engineered wood flooring for high traffic areas, they need to consider the below-given properties;
  1. Wood Types: Maple & Hickory are the types of woods that are recommended to use in high traffic areas. Maple wood is as durable as the high traffic areas and Hickory wood is resistant to temperature fluctuations, moisture, and it can hold up high foot traffic.
  2. Surface Appearance: Engineered Wood Flooring is available in a number of surface appearances that can range from smooth to distress. It has been recommended by the experts to select flooring with a distressed appearance for high traffic areas as it will not show up the damage that can occur due to high foot traffic.
  3. Thickness: Similar to the surface appearance, engineered wood flooring comes in a number of thickness levels. Some flooring comes with very few thickness layers whereas the rest of the engineered wood flooring comes with seven or more than seven layers. It has been recommended by experts to select flooring with more thickness levels for high traffic areas.
  4. Subfloor: Once the selection of engineered wood flooring is made, the user needs to select the suited subfloor in order to be sure that the flooring will hold up the high traffic. Mostly, Plywood and HDF are used as a subfloor but as per the recommendation of experts, the subfloor for engineered wood flooring should be HDF as it provides better support to the high traffic areas.
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