Benefits Of Vinyl Plank Flooring: Benefits And Disadvantages Of Vinyl Plank Flooring

General Overview

Vinyl plank is designed in a way that will resemble hardwood, and it comes in strips, it will come in a number of styles that looks like wood, from oak to hickory, etc.
How Long Can The Vinyl Plank Flooring Last?
The Life and the longevity of vinyl plank flooring depend upon the thickness and the wear layer of the Flooring. In fact, Some of the thicker vinyl floors in the market come with a warranty for up to 25 years.

Benefits And Disadvantages Of Vinyl Plank Flooring


  1. Economical: The Vinyl flooring is very less expensive than the wooden flooring.
  2. Installation: It is very easy to install and does not require any professional help.
  3. Clean: It is very easy to clean and maintain, in case of spills it can be wiped with a wet cloth.
  4. Durability: It is incredibly durable and can be used for long period of time without any issue.
  5. Comfortable: Vinyl Plank Flooring is regarded as the most comfortable flooring under the foot, it looks warmer and quite than any other flooring solutions.
  6. Beautiful And Realistic: It is one of the beautiful flooring available in these days, the customers can choose from different color, patterns, and designs, floating vinyl planks is the high quality vinyl flooring that looks like wood.


  1. Fade: One of the cons is that it will fade in the sun shine.
  2. Wheelchairs: It is not well suitable for the wheel chair.
  3. Repairs: It can not be repaired.
  4. Resale: It has very less resale value which means it will not help to increase the value of the home.
  5. Health: It can emit the harmful volatile organic compounds(VOCs).
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